Family in Northglenn Fights Against Racial Bullying

Racial Bullying. A family in Northglenn is making some noise, and it’s for a serious reason: their daughter’s dealing with racist bullying at her school.

The Heartbreak

The middle schooler, staying unnamed for safety, opened up about the hurt she’s facing. “It makes me really sad. I don’t get why people treat someone like this,” she said. The family’s sat down with CBS News Colorado, staying anonymous to protect their daughter.

The Ugly Reality

The bullying started in October, mostly from one kid who kept at it through texts and social media. But it didn’t stop there. Friends of the bully jumped in with their racist remarks. They went low—monkey noises, calling her names, dropping stereotypes like she’s some kind of menu.

The Terrifying Turn

Things got darker. The bullying turned into death threats from one of the students. That led to not one, but two fights outside the school. The final straw was when three girls wanted to throw down. That’s when the bullied kid said, “Enough,” and stood her ground. It got physical.

The Fallout

Both girls got slapped with three-day suspensions. But the toll on the bullied student was bigger than just those days. “She’s hurting, she’s depressed, she’s sad,” her mom shared.

School’s Response Falls Short

The family’s not feeling the support from the school. They’ve pointed fingers at the district for not tackling the racial bullying head-on. The school’s saying they’re following their rules, but the family’s saying it’s not enough. They want more action, less talk.

Looking for Change

They’re not just about complaining; they want things to change. An anti-bullying program’s on their wishlist, where kids learn to respect each other. Because school’s for learning, not for their daughter to cry every single day.

Speaking Up for Others

It’s tough, but they’re not pulling their daughter out of that school yet. Why? They’re worried if they bail and nothing changes, the next kid in line gets the same treatment. They’re speaking out loud, hoping it rings a bell that hate in schools needs to stop, pronto.

The Student’s Plea

The middle schooler herself wants things to get better. “I want the school to do more and people to stop being racist and bullying,” she said, straight from the heart.

The Bottom Line

This family’s fighting a battle against racial bullying. They’re pleading for a real change in how the school deals with it. They’ve thought about yanking their daughter out, but they’re sticking around, hoping their voices make a difference.