Family in Northglenn Fights Against Racial Bullying

Racial Bullying. A family in Northglenn is making some noise, and it’s for a serious reason: their daughter’s dealing with racist bullying at her school. The Heartbreak The middle schooler,… Read more
Bishop Auckland

The Faith Museum: A Catalyst for Revival in Bishop Auckland

Bishop Auckland, a once-sleepy town in Northern England, is making headlines as it undergoes a remarkable transformation fueled by a combination of art and religion. At the heart of this… Read more
Utopian City

Auroville: The Utopian City “Without Money and Religion”

Have you ever heard of Auroville, the city often referred to as a utopian city without money and religion? Auroville is located in the Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu, India,… Read more
taylor swift academics

Academic Symposium on Taylor Swift Influence to Be Hosted by Australian University

The University of Melbourne in Australia will host a three-day academic symposium to discuss the influence of the renowned singer, Taylor Swift. Event Details Rolling Stone reported that the symposium,… Read more
Emma Rotor: The Genius Mathematician behind World War II's Proximity Fuze

Emma Rotor: The Genius Mathematician behind World War II’s Proximity Fuze

Introduction Filipino math professor Emma Rotor had a crucial role in creating the proximity fuze during World War II, thus cementing her place in history. Compared to prior fuses, which… Read more